Why Christians can Celebrate Halloween

It seems over the last twenty years or so a debate has arisen about Christians’ celebrating Halloween. It’s a celebration I’ve always enjoyed and celebrated my entire life and will continue in the future. I invite you to take a moment to read this excellent article about why Christians should feel good about being a part of this tradition.  –Fr. Galen+

 Why Christians can Celebrate Halloween

and feel good about it!

Celebration is a spiritual discipline

Image of scared person looking over their shoulder
Halloween Fright

When we think of spiritual disciplines, we tend to think of fasting, praying, silence, and other very un-fun things. But to not recognize God as the origin of all thing fun would be to carve God out to be a scrooge or a grinch. Not only did God create fun and celebration, but God requires it. Many of the laws found in the Older Testament were instructions for how to celebrate correctly. There were festivals and parties ordained by God because He is a God of celebration. By engaging in Halloween as a celebration, we create opportunities to build relationships. This is not only true of Halloween, but of any holiday. May our homes and places of worship be places of celebration.

Horror is evil though…Right?

Some of the greatest value in dressing up in scary costumes is to remind us that there is a world within our world which we cannot see – “seen and unseen.” As Christians we believe another Spirit is present in our lives: The Holy Spirit. As believers, we essentially become haunted houses — a Spirit comes and lives inside of us. God is spirit and far too often, we neglect to remember that constant presence in our lives. Halloween can be a call to remember the invisible world around us.

Demonic-looking decorations are just that. Decorations.

Throughout the Bible, God makes it clear how powerless statues and idols are

Cartoon of person playing a practical joke at Halloween
Halloween Practical Joke

(Habakkuk 2:18, Isaiah 40:19). Jeremiah 10:5 even says, “Do not fear them; they can do no harm nor can they do any good.” The problem with these statues in the Bible is not the little wooden or metal object itself; the problem is that God’s people worshiped them. Their affections were turned toward these little powerless objects rather than toward the God who made all things. We do the same with objects today when we assign them greater influence than they deserve.

But Halloween is rooted in Pagan, demonic tradition!

We could argue that Christmas and Easter are, too. In actuality, when most of us observe Halloween, we are simply buying into the American corporate construction allowing candy, costume, and booze companies to rake in more dough at the end of

October. We are so far removed from any spiritually dangerous activity that it’s almost laughable. Most likely, you and everyone in your neighborhood are taking an excuse to dress up, eat a lot of candy, and have FUN. Something Christians can be bad at.

So if your intentions this year are to have fun and use this holiday as an opportunity to reach out to your neighbors, go for it!
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