• Description:  The Communications Team at Good Shepherd is in it’s infancy but will strive to consolidate information coming from Good Shepherd and make it easier for our parishioners to get information.  We also strive to keep communications consistent to people don’t get confused to the message that we are trying to deliver.  We look for people versed in all forms of communication, art, graphic design, social media, computers, phone, etc.  The majority of our work will be accomplished electronically via email/internet with an occasional exception for when face-to-face would work better.
  • Facilitator / Contact / Leader:  Brad Hale
  • Meeting Location:  Various
    • Meeting Day / Date:  As Required
    • Meeting Time:  As Required
  • Yearly Communication ScheduleYearly Communications Plan Download  (This is an example file for now)
Summary: The Communications Team has the responsibility of keeping everyone informed in a uniformed and consistent manner about what is going on at Good Shepherd, in the Neighborhood and around the Diocese.