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Update from Jerusalem Princess Basma Center (JPBC)

Update from Jerusalem Princess Basma Center (JPBC)

This week we received the Fall 2021 newsletter from the American Friends of the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem (AFEDJ). One article was about a boy named Ahmad, who was born with a rare genetic syndrome, was granted permission to travel from his home in Gaza to receive evaluation and treatment at JPBC in 2017. During Ahmad’s three-week stay JPBC developed an individual treatment plan and his mother received training in how to carry out the therapies he needed once they returned home. Because Ahmad lives in Gaza, he has been denied the opportunity to return to the Center for re-evaluation and an updated therapeutic plan. His mother has had to rely on the ‘Home Therapy Plan’ she learned four years ago as her only resource to help her son.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, JPBC Virtual Therapy Program was developed to help Ahmad and his family, along with five other Gazan families who previously received treatment in Jerusalem. They now meet regularly with the Center’s therapist online. His mother described the opportunity to update his treatment plan.

During the bombardment of Gaza in May Ahmad and his family moved to the safety of a bomb shelter in a United Nations school for five days during the attack. His mother tells us they were able to return to their home, which was damaged, but not destroyed. What does this have to do with Good Shepherd?

Our 2021 Good Friday Offering in excess of $1,200, plus a match of $1,000 for our diocese was designated to the Jerusalem Princess Basma Center for these types of services that enhances enhancing Ahmad’s life and his neighbors in Gaza. Thank You, good and faithful servants for your financial support each year to AFEDJ. The entire full-color newsletter is on the bulletin board.

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