This Week at Good Shepherd (1/4/21)

Dear Sisters and Brothers in the Risen Jesus,

Thank you once again for your financial generosity for the Christmas Eve Outreach Plate Offering. Gary Gee reports that a total of $1,385.00 was donated, $632.50 to Healing Pathways, $702.50 to Northland Shepherd’s Center. Your generosity is for our local neighbors that will ease their burdens. You are a good and faithful congregation. 

Let us Pray the Collect for Epiphany: O God, by the leading of a star you manifested your only Son to the peoples of the earth: Lead us, who know you now by faith, to your presence, where we may see your glory face to face; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who live and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever. Amen.

On Wednesday we’ll be celebrating the twelfth day of Christmas, The Epiphany, from the comfort of our homes. But please note there will be a mid-week Holy Eucharist broadcast at 6:00 PM from Our Lady of Walsingham Chapel. This service is virtually only through via Facebook Live.  There’s no need for the Altar Guild to set up. I will take care of it just like on Holy Name Day last week.

As you’ve just recited, we acknowledge the opportunity to gaze into the eyes of the baby Jesus. We come face to face with the glory that God has placed in him. And like the Magi, a time to fall on our knees and offer him our humble devotion one more time during this season of Christmas. Why?

Because on Thursday, January 7 we’ll be moving into another “green season” in the liturgical calendar. A time of growing. Which is difficult to imagine with a thin layer of snow on the ground and temperatures near or below freezing. Yet it is true. We will spend from January 7 till February 16 nurturing our faith while the snow and cold are just outside our doors. What ways have you’ve grown in Epiphany’s of the past. What are the ways you’re growing with Jesus in the fertile soil of your heart and mind?

Pray for our vestry candidates: Phyllis Cameron, Kathy Potter, Susan Eveland, and Mike Wilkinson for the Holy Spirit’s guidance in wisdom and discernment.

Good Shepherd Annual Meeting: Will be held on Sunday, January 24th beginning at 10:15 AM via Zoom. You may attend in person, if you wish, but you must call the office to reserve your seat. Otherwise please join us on Zoom: Please make sure you’ve downloaded the latest Zoom updates before Wednesday, January 20th.

Note: Thank you for sending your ministry reports to Laura ASAP.

Educational Connections and Zoom Links

Weekday Services, Events, and Education

Noonday Prayer at Noon via Facebook Live Monday through Friday.

Compline at 8 pm via Facebook Live Monday-Tuesday, and Thursday-Friday.

*****Virtual Epiphany Eucharist via Facebook Live Only: Wednesday at 6:00 PM from Our Lady of Walsingham Chapel through my laptop viaFacebook Live

Wednesday Noonday Bible Study via Zoom each Wednesday at 12:30 pm. Gospel of Mark 1:1-3:12. Meeting ID is

Episcopal 4 U at 7:00 PM via Zoom. Email Judy Kile at for an invitation.

Zoom Ultreya: A Cursillo Online Gathering: Saturday, January 9 at 10 AM. We will share fellowship and music as we safely gather. Support each other, invite friends. Contact Roberta Coons for your Zoom invitation at

Facebook Live this Sunday.Holy Eucharist Rite II-The Baptism of our Lord, Year B, Sunday, January 10 at 10:15 AM. Genesis 1:1-5, Psalms 29, Acts 19:1-7, Mark 1:4-11. Join us on Facebook Live  

Sunday Christian Formation Classes

Zoom Lectionary Study for all. Sunday, January 10 at 9:00 AM:The Baptism of our Lord, Year B. Genesis 1:1-5, Psalms 29, Acts 19:1-7, Mark 1:4-11. FYI: This Zoom link will remain the same till February 14, 2021. God willing and the technology works.!

It’s all about Zoom!

Zoom Technical Support: Contact Kim Snodgrass at or 417-793-0780.

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