Prayer List for Week of May 23rd

Please Pray for OUR  CHURCH  FAMILY:

Please pray for The Diocese of Calcutta – The Church of North India, The Anglican Church of Melanesia and Episcopal Church of the Resurrection, Blue Springs, MO.

Please pray for those with BIRTHDAYS:  

  • 5/23 Lucas Scott
  • 5/27  Cathy Culp and Gary Fry

Please pray for those with ANNIVERSARIES: 

  • Katy & Dan Rollins
  • Carye and Warry Williams

Please pray for these EXPECTANT PARENTS: 

  • Gary and Victoria Cram
  • Kilby and Sean O’Hea
  • Abby and Dan Leonard
  • Chad and Sarah Elliot

Please pray for the HEALING OF BODY, MIND & SPIRIT:

Isabel Deibler, Cameron Ham, Geddes Paulsen, Hazel Shippee

Please pray for those SERVING IN OUR ARMED FORCES:

Vincent Armato, Chase Ballard, Gary Cram, Craig Elliott, Mark Nick, Cole Sherry, Doug Snodgrass, Korinne Takeyama, Kellan Travis, Leevi Wilson and Elias Wilson.

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