The Episcopal Urban Caucus, in its commitment to equality, inclusion and peace in our urban areas, decries and denounces the ongoing violence that persists in our cities. We especially oppose the systemic abuse of power against our Black and Brown brothers and sisters during this time of racial reckoning in America. We condemn the unchecked state sanctioned misconduct by officials who continue to disenfranchise abuse and oppress people of color.

While we give thanks that in the case of George Floyd there is accountability, we know that until the demand for a systemic change is louder than the desire to maintain the status quo, Black and Brown children of God will continue to suffer at the hands of those who fail to see humanity in all whom they meet. To that end we call on all people of good will to demonstrate in both actions and words that this pervasive, horrific abuse of power must cease.

The Episcopal Urban Caucus will continue to speak up, speak out, and do our part to name and respond to injustice against God’s people.

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