A Letter From Fr. Galen

Dearest Disciples of Jesus Christ,

I am joining Presiding Bishop Michael Curry, Bishop Martin Field and fellow clergy strongly denouncing the riotous assault on the United States Capitol on Jan. 6 by supporters of President Donald Trump, referring to it as an “attempted coup.” At least one person was shot inside the Capitol and four others have died after Trump supporters stormed past police into the building, entering the Senate chamber and leading police to deploy tear gas.

I am in full support of Rev. Curry’s statement made on Wednesday, “The events at our Capitol today are deeply disturbing. We believe the actions of armed protesters represent a coup attempt,” Curry said on Facebook Live shortly after 3:15 p.m. “Today’s protesters pushed through police barricades and forced their way into congressional chambers and … [are] threatening the safety of lawmakers, their staff and others who work in the Capitol complex. This threatens the integrity of our democracy, the national security of our nation, the continuity of government, and the lives and safety of our legislators, their staffs, law enforcement and all who work in the Capitol.”

Members of Good Shepherd I join the many voices across this nation in calling on all Episcopalians in our diocese to enter into a deep practice of prayer for our country and for the peaceful transfer of power over the next two weeks. Let this season of Epiphany be a time for us to consider our own calls to peace and justice, and to pray for the Holy Spirit to bring resolution to our conflicts and healing to our divided nation.

                                                          Yours in Christ, Fr. Galen David Snodgrass+

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